A photo of a green military Jeep and red Jeep Wrangler parked on dirt.

Picture: Jeep

“I usually do all of my very own work on my Jeep. It’s the one strategy to preserve it financially viable. However this time I wanted two issues executed asap and didn’t have the quick time to place into it. I took it to a store, they gave me an estimate, and I begrudgingly agreed to it.

“The job was each entrance axle u-joints and diag/repair small evap leak. They charged me a diag price for each jobs, didn’t drop them after I agreed to the work, and charged a complete of about $1,750 for the u-joints and changing the evap return line which from what I’ve discovered since is astronomically excessive.

“The diag they did for the evap was simply eyeballing issues as a result of if they’d truly smoke examined it they’d have discovered that the return line was superb as a result of I nonetheless have an evap leak, they usually charged a diag for the u-joints despite the fact that I informed them that’s what was making the binding – however they ‘needed to verify anyway’.

“I ought to have simply waited to do it myself and spent $100 on elements. By no means once more.”

That appears like a proper palaver! When you get to know the ins and outs of your automotive, taking care of it turns into a private ardour venture that you simply’re greatest not leaving to anybody else.

Instructed by: steveschwinghammer